CREATIVE CONCEPT / World’s First Physiotherapy Scripts
Physiofirst is a chain of physiotherapy clinics across India. The task was to design a distinct brand identity that truly reflects its core competency i.e. curing physical deformities.

Letters from Hindi and English (languages with the widest reach in India) when seen through a physiotherapist’s lens looked deformed (curved, bent and knotted). Physiotherapy was applied to straighten these deformed letters and  world’s first physiotherapy scripts - Physiofirst E (English) & Physiofirst H (Hindi), were derived. The letters in these scripts are absolutely free from any physical deformities (curves, bents and knots) and were used to design various brand identity elements (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, signages).

Physiofirst is the first physiotherapy brand in the world, which has its brand identity elements designed in its own script. Scripts served as a strong visual identity for the brand with great recall and association. From brand identity elements, scripts were extended to create the signages, directions and counter boards. The design got an overwhelming response from peers and clients alike. Enthusiasts even tried to read / write the Physiofirst scripts by comparing the letters with traditional language scripts.
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