CREATIVE CONCEPT / Volvo Melting Moments: Ice Cars

New Delhi recorded 23,829 drunk driving cases in 2012. 32% of which occurred in December, the highest in a month.* Volvo, being a brand that stands for safety, decided to make New Delhi roads safer this December.

Volvo tied up with various bars across the city and provided them with special car shaped ice cubes. Every time a guest ordered, their drinks were served along with these Ice Cars. The Ice Cars melted in the drinks naturally, revealing a message (Don’t mix your drink with your drive) on the stirrer.

• 2437 guests signed pledges
• Volvo contributed to the 3% decline in drunk driving cases recorded in December 2013
• Free media coverage of 28,500 USD approx.
• The activity strengthened Volvo’s safety positioning further

*Source: The Times of India (India's largest daily news tabloid)
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